A glorious return to the blues-driven, from-the-gut Rock and Roll that has been sadly missing from the world for far too long, Ghost & the Big Sky is a musical powerhouse built for performance. Original members Paul Gerdts (vocals) and Patrick Ruben Bitbol (guitar) have been composing soulful, musical stories together for years and formed a band to tell them. The band went through several line-ups as different faces entered and exited, but with the addition of Brother Sal (guitar/vocals) as a third songwriter, the vision really started to take shape. In the summer of 2011, long-time musical partners Chris Ball (bass) and Andrei Koribanics (drums) were recruited to lay anchor and complete the equation.

Their energetic live show is the real deal; heads turn and hips shake for as long as the beat goes on...and with an ever-expanding repertoire of original compositions and re-worked classics, Ghost can rock any venue, big or small, all night long and into the sunrise. Having released their new EP "Silent Freeway" in February 2012, Ghost & the Big Sky has awoken the sleeping giant of Rock and Roll, and it will continue to grow and flourish with every soul-stirring step....

Rock and roll the way it should be played.

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